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Are you ready ...                      Lightning Process Video

Video - is it time for a change?

... to learn to use the Lightning Process in your life?

Please read this carefully BEFORE contacting us. It will make the process of changing your life easier for you.

Make sure that you have read the testimonials, Clare's story, Katie's story and the other stories. If you can, before reading on, please watch the video clips on your computer of other people's experience of the Lightning Process. The stories and the videos come from all sorts of people, speaking from the heart, people who used to have a variety of symptoms and issues. They will help you work out if the Lightning Process is for you.

As with any training programme we will want to talk to you before you take this training seminar to try to be as certain as we can that this programme is right for you right now.

Not Ready?

We will consider you to be not ready yet to take the training if:

  • You are cynical about the process
  • You are just going to sit back and see how it goes
  • You doubt that the video footage is genuine
  • You want to challenge us to cure you


Having said that, I do expect people to be a bit unsure as to whether they will get the same results as all the cases reported on this website - that seems entirely reasonable based on many people's histories of lack of success with other approaches. Being a little uncertain of the outcome of the process, whilst at the same time deciding to put your all into the training process to make sure you get full value from it, is understandable. There is a huge difference between that and just turning up.

Certain ways of thinking are very valuable in certain fields. For example, being cynical and analytical are great in law and chemistry, but not that useful in emotional relationships.

We find that a cynical and critical approach doesn't necessarily prevent you from benefiting from the process, but it does mean it will take you much longer to get changes as you will be focusing on your usual analytical thoughts rather than doing the process.

If you are of a cynical persuasion can you allow yourself to be ready to let this pattern go whilst undertaking this training?

Can my doctor assess me for readiness?

If your doctor or health care specialist is trained as a Lightning Process Practitioner then of course they can assess you for readiness to take the programme. If they are not trained in the programme they will not have the requisite skills or knowledge base about this very specialised field to assess you.

Part of the training for LP practitioners is to train them to appropriately assess potential trainees for their suitability for the process, as it is essential to ensure, as far as is possible, that only those who are ready to get benefits from the training program are enrolled in the training.


If, having made it this far, you think you 'are ready' please apply for a place on the Lightning Process Training using the Application Form.

Once I have received your application, I will always contact you to discuss it before I offer you a place on the Lightning Process training. Not everyone who fills in an application form is ready - if, after talking through your application, either you or I feel you are not yet ready to take the training then you will have an opportunity to do some more preparation before we talk again.

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